How can we help

How Can We Help?

The North Shore Hospice & Palliative Project funds innovative care programs for palliative patients and provides assistance to palliative patients and their families.


Every Day Counts is a free program offered by the North Shore Hospice & Palliative Project and Vancouver Coastal Health North Shore Palliative Care. This progressive and flexible program is specifically designed for patients facing serious illness and their families to realize the best quality of life. The services offered by Every Day Counts include guidance, well-being, and support. Every Day Counts Program details.


How do you manage symptoms? What type of exercise is encouraged? How do you navigate Palliative Care Resources? Our team of trained professionals provide guidance, insight, and encourage open, honest communication. 


Every Day Counts puts patients of all ages at the centre of care. With tailored programs, including yoga, relaxation support groups (music therapy), and our Portrait in the Garden sessions, Every Day Counts promotes emotional and physical well-being with focus on the patient. Patients can choose from several classes that improve vitality and help them stay active. 


Serious illness is as much an emotional and spiritual journey, as it is physical. We stand together as a community to provide empathy and support throughout this stage in life. Patients and family members are encouraged to seek out assistance in individual and group settings. Click here to find out more about our patient and family support counselling. We invite you to learn more about this unique program and understand the positive impact it has on the lives of families in need. 

We invite you to learn more about this unique program and understand the positive impact it has on the lives of families in need. 


Named after a long-time palliative care volunteer, board member, and treasurer of the North Shore Hospice Society, the “Bill Field Fund” provides immediate financial support for palliative patients and families in need. Bill Field was passionate about supporting palliative patients and families, including providing essential financial support. Grants are given to meet the often unexpected costs that arise during palliative care and which are not covered by provincial health care. The Bill Fund grants may cover the cost of additional equipment for the home, additional short-term care, or lifeline alert system assistance. 

Speak to your health care provider about getting in touch with the North Shore Hospice & Palliative Project.


Dealing with a serious illness raises lots of questions. What does “palliative” mean? What are the emotional responses of illness from the patient and their loved ones? How do I talk to a patient receiving palliative care? As a palliative care patient, can I die at home? What is the North Shore Palliative Care Program? 

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